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How to Choose the Best Makeup Setting Spray for Your Skin

If you’ve ever tried to take a photo of yourself in a mirror at any point in your life, you know that things are not quite as simple as they seem. There is a reason why selfie culture took off so quickly, and it’s because people hate the way they look in photos.

The reason for this is that cameras have become increasingly more capable of capturing fine details. In addition to this, the rise of image sharing apps like Instagram has allowed people to share their photos with an audience much quicker than ever before.

The unfortunate side effect of these developments is that even the most well-lit photos will still often give away every flaw in your skin. If you search “beauty blogger fail” on Google Images (or alternatively YouTube), you will see exactly what we mean by that.

While some beauty bloggers are able to hide their minor blemishes and imperfections under layers upon layers of makeup with expert lighting and angles, other are not quite so lucky. Thus, there is no better time than now for good setting sprays or Mist sprays to come into the picture.

What is a Makeup Setting Spray?

A makeup setting spray is exactly what it sounds like, it sets your makeup. The basic principle behind this is that it contains a number of different ingredients to help your makeup last longer once applied. The most common ingredients that makeup setting sprays contain are water, alcohol, and silicone.

The main role of makeup setting spray is to prevent your makeup from smudging, fading, or transferring to your surroundings. When you apply your makeup, you want it to last all day long, but this is often not the case. Your makeup will begin to fade and smear as the day goes on.

Types of Beauty Setting Sprays

There are two main types of makeup setting sprays, those with makeup and those without makeup.

Makeup Setting Spray – These sprays are typically used by people who are wearing makeup, as they contain both water and some type of pigment. They are able to set your makeup, as well as colour correct any issues with your skin. They are typically used by people who wear heavy or full coverage makeup.

No makeup setting Spray – These sprays are typically used by those who are wearing little or no makeup. They are able to hydrate the skin and set your natural complexion.

How to Use a Makeup Setting Spray

If you are using a makeup setting spray with makeup, you will want to first apply your makeup as normal and then apply the spray either with a makeup brushes or a spray bottle. If you are using a no makeup spray, you will want to apply it after you have finished applying your skincare routine.

Benefits of Using a Setting Spray

Helps makeup last longer – Setting sprays are made to help your makeup last all day long. They help seal in your makeup and prevent it from fading or smudging. This helps you get through your day without having to touch up your makeup and feeling as if you have a ton of layers on your face.

Helps makeup look more natural – One of the main issues with makeup is that it can make your face look caked, cakey, or just plain unnatural. With a good setting spray, your makeup will have a more natural finish, helping it look less like you have a ton of makeup on and more like you are just wearing what you normally do.

Brands That Offer the Best Sprays

There are a number of different brands that offer great makeup setting sprays. The best way to find the right spray for your needs is to try out a few different brands and see which ones work best for you.

The Balm: This brand has a small selection of setting sprays, but the ones they do offer are all very good.

Too Faced: This brand offers a number of very good makeup setting sprays that can be used by anyone.

Urban Decay: This brand offers a small selection of setting sprays that are all very good.

Victoria’s Secret: The Victoria’s Secret Beauty Fragrance line offers a small selection of setting sprays that are all very good.


Setting sprays can be a helpful tool for those who wear makeup on a daily basis. They are able to prolong the wear of your makeup significantly, helping you get through your day without having to worry about touching up your makeup.

While setting sprays can be great for those who wear makeup, they are not a necessity. If you are someone who wears very little makeup, or has oily skin, they are likely not something you would benefit from. Instead, you might want to consider investing in a good skincare routine.


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