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How to Obtain a New Zealand Visa in Spanish or Swedish

Countries like Swedish and Spanish have set up embassies that handle the visa requests of their people who want to visit New Zealand. In certain circumstances, Obtain  NEW ZEALAND VISA FOR SPANISH CITIZENS and your country’s embassy rather than a New Zealand consulate may be quicker and simpler for you. But if you’re unsure which route to take, read this article for suggestions on the best course of action.

What is a visa for New Zealand?

You must apply for a New Zealand visa in advance of your trip if you are a citizen of a nation that is not presently a visa-free location for New Zealanders. An Australian embassy or consulate or the New Zealand Immigration Department are the two places to apply for a New Zealand visa.

You must provide your passport information, flight information (including the name and airline if you are flying), proof of sufficient finances to cover your stay in New Zealand, and identification documentation in order to apply via an Australian embassy or consulate. It is important to remember that processing applications might take up to six weeks.

Visa requirements for New Zealand

Depending on their nationality, New Zealanders may apply for a visa in either Swedish or Spanish. You need to first have a resident permit in one of these nations before you can apply for a New Zealand visa. You may then apply for a New Zealand visa after receiving your residence permit.

Two pictures and an application form must  sent in order to apply for a New Zealand visa in Swedish. On the website of the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the application form may be obtained. Additionally, you will need to show that you have the means to sustain yourself while you are in New Zealand and that you pose no risk to the general public’s safety.

How to Get a Visa for New Zealand

You may be able to apply for a visa at a New Zealand consulate or embassy if your country’s residents are exempt from needing visas for New Zealanders. You must apply for a visa in your home country if you are not a citizen of one of these nations.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFA) website provides information on how to apply for a New Zealand visa from Swedish. Visit the Ministero dell’Interno website in Spanish to submit an application for a New Zealand visa. So you can a get visa easily.

Which nations demand invitation letters?


You will need the following documentation to apply for a New Zealand visa in Swedish:

  1. A passport that is still valid and has at least six months left on its current visa.
  2. A letter of invitation from a New Zealand-based employer or close family.
  3. Documentation showing you have the money necessary to pay for your stay in Swedish, including the cost of your return flight and money for lodging and meals.

Is there a cost associate with applying for a New Zealand visa?

In Swedish or Spanish, there are no fees associate with applying for a New Zealand visa. If you use an agency to submit your application, you may need to pay a processing charge.

There is a NZ$160 (about US$127) non-refundable application cost if you are applying alone. Depending on the nation you are applying from, the processing period for a visa application might vary, however it typically takes four weeks.

When will I get my New Zealand visa after applying?

The processing of your application for a NEW ZEALAND VISA FOR SWEDISH CITIZENS in Swedish or Spanish will probably take two weeks. Nevertheless, there can be some difference based on how long exactly your application takes to complete. After receiving your visa, you must apply for a visa sticker at the airport before taking off. The price of the visa sticker may range from €25 to €50 depending on your nationality and intended location.


Check out our article on how to apply for a New Zealand visa in Swedish or Spanish if you want to visit New Zealand but don’t currently have a visa. Both nations are excellent choices for visitors visiting New Zealand, and we can assist you in easily obtaining the necessary visa.

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