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Business Management Programs in 2023

Business Management Programs in 2023: After a pandemic in which we were forced to change many things in our daily lives, we realized that these changes also had to take place within the companies themselves. The digital transformation of these times has accelerated and it has been shown that we can improve efficiency in countless processes because we improve the productivity of teams and projects.

By reading the following article you

What is it and what are we looking for with a business management program

What are the most used software: Comparative table

One by one each program in detail to understand what you can win

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At Quipu we are specialists in tax, accounting and tax matters, and we seek to explain issues with a closer and more appetizing language. More than 7 years ago we developed technological solutions in the sector and we have created an administrative management software for SMEs and freelancers that allows you to integrate a fiscal manager that helps you keep your accounts.

What are we looking for with a business management program?

If you have reached this article, it is because you know that you need to improve certain processes within your company. This happens through the digitization of the business through a Effective business management program with which you will achieve:

  • Optimize processes in repetitive tasks of every day.
  • Improve access and information security.
  • Share information between the different departments of the company in a simple way, improving communication and internal projects.
  • Be more efficient in the visualization and analysis of information to minimize costs and allow better decision making.
  • Have your company digitized.
  • Main axes to choose a business management software.
  • Before starting, we are going to divide the article into 4 main axes according to the main tasks of a company.
  • Billing, treasury and accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Management of tasks, projects and teams.
  • Sales, customer CRM and marketing

From here we will tell you, according to these axes, which are the best programs based, not only on the experience of having tried them all, but also on the opinions of customers in the main review portals.

What are the most used programs in companies?

Below we will detail the most used management programs for companies in Spain classified by type, utility, advantages and price.

  • Software Company size Utility Main Advantages Free
  • Quipu SMEs Billing and Treasury Intuitive and simple
  • Factorial All types of company Human Resources Modern Interface
  • Notion All types of companies Task Management 100% Customizable
  • HubSpot All types of companies Marketing, sales and CRM The most complete
  • Signaturit All types of companies Digital signature and contracts Security and trust with sensitive documents
  • *All platforms offer a free trial period.
  • Notion offers a free plan that has the basic functionalities. If you are an SME, the basic price is €8 per user per month.

What are the best business management programs?

Administrative Management: Quipu

It is a business management software in the cloud through which you can manage your billing, taxes, treasury and banks.

When we talk about intuitive, simple and professional invoicing, Quipu always appears in the equation because it is a program with more than 8 years of experience in the sector and establishing itself as the program that SMEs most recommend to manage the business.

Here comes into play, on the one hand, the security it offers on its servers to store sensitive information such as billing information and, on the other hand, the simplicity with which it optimizes daily administrative tasks and processes.

business management program

The main objective of this program is, in addition to facilitating the daily management of the business, saving time on repetitive tasks that do not make any sense today and that you can automate.

What can I do with Quipu?

  • Create and manage invoices.
  • Control expenses, maturities and payments.
  • Digitize and process the information of tickets and invoices.
  • Connect my banks and perform bank reconciliation.
  • Manage all my commercial documents in a referenced way.
  • Analytics and project management.
  • Integration with more than 4000 apps and platforms.

The use of artificial intelligence so that, for example, cutting expense invoices is no longer an employee’s day-to-day task is a “must” for any program that seeks to eliminate tasks that do not add any value.

quips expense reader

Having business documents (budgets, orders, delivery notes and invoices) always referenced to each other by customer or document status is another of the great features that have been developed in recent years and is widely used by those who manage a business.

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