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Best University In China For MBBS At Affordable Fee

MBBS In English In China – The 45 Best Medical Schools In China

China is a top choice for foreign students wishing to study medicine because of its advanced course structure and access to convenient opportunities. After completing Best University in China for MBBS, foreign students can travel to other countries around the world or return to their home country.

Listed below are the top 5 medical universities in China that offer MBBS in English to international students.

Name of university Tuition fee/year

1 University of Hexi 30,000 RMB

2 Ningxia University of Medicine 29,800 RMB

3 Qingdao University of Medicine 30,000 RMB

4 Nanjing University of Medicine 34,000 RMB

5 Southeastern University 32,000 RMB

Every year many students enroll in Chinese medical schools. Under the guidance of China’s central and provincial governments, more than 250 universities accept international students for undergraduate and postgraduate medical programs. The number of international students from Pakistan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, the United States, ASEAN, and CIS countries particularly high compared to the number of medical school applicants from other countries.

However, when students search for universities offering MBBS programs in China, they find two different lists.

List of English-mediated universities (universities listed by the Ministry of Education)

List of bilingual universities (universities not listed)

The list of universities offering “English MBBS in China” is only 45, while the list of universities offering “Bilingual MBBS in China” is over 200 universities. This is where all applicants get confused.

MOE and non-MOE lists

What is the difference between these institutions, their concepts, and their structures? There are many differences between the English MBBS program and the bilingual clinical medicine program in terms of curriculum, program, and content.

However, the most notable difference is that teaching in English (at Ministry-listed universities) does not require students to learn Chinese. Also, students are not required to take the Chinese language proficiency test (CPL) in the first five years of the MBBS program.

There are many medical universities in China, some of which teach in English. The Chinese Ministry of Education has stated that it is “strictly forbidden” to teach MBBS courses in both English and Chinese.

The Chinese Ministry of Education has stated that only 45 Chinese universities allowed to offer MBBS courses in English and can accept foreign students, warning that it is “strictly forbidden” to offer MBBS courses in both English and Chinese.

The number of places for international students at each university is listed below, along with the name of the university.

List of top English-language MBBS universities in China, published by the Ministry of Education.

Name of institution Fee

1 Jilin University 33,000 USD

2 Medical University of China 40,000 RMB

3 Dalian Medical University 45,000 RMB

4 Capital Medical University 50,000 RMB

5 Tianjin Medical University 45,000 RMB

6 Shandong University 45,000 RMB

7 Fudan University 75,000 RMB

8 Xinjiang Medical University 36,000 RMB

9 Nanjing University of Medicine 34,000 RMB

10 University of Jiangsu 34,000 RMB

11 University of Medicine of Wenzhou 30,000 RMB

12 Zhejiang University RMB 42,800

13 Wuhan University 32,000 RMB

14 Huazhong University of Science and Technology 40,000 RMB

15 Xi’an Jiaotong University 40,000 RMB

16 South China University of Medical Sciences 40,000 RMB

17 Jinan University 34,000 RMB

18 Guangxi University of Medicine 35,000 RMB

19 University of Sichuan 38,000 RMB

20 Chongqing University of Medicine 30,000 RMB

21 Harbin University of Medicine 30,000 RMB

22 Beihua University (North China University) – (rmb)

23 Medical University of Jinzhou 32,000 RMB

24 Qingdao University of Medicine 30,000 RMB

25 Hebei University of Medicine 34,000 RMB

26 Ningxia University of Medicine 29,800

27 Tongji University 45,000 RMB

28 University of Hexi 30,000 yuan

29 Southeastern University 32,000 RMB

30 University of Yangzhou 30,000 RMB

31 University of Nantong 26,000 RMB

32 University of Soochow 32,500 RMB

34 Fujian Medical University 35,000 RMB

35 Anhui Medical University 30,000 RMB

36 Xuzhou Medical University 33,000 RMB

37 Three Gorges University of China 24,000 RMB

38 University of Zhengzhou 35,000 RMB

39 Guangzhou University of Medicine 30,000 RMB

40 University of Sanya 48,000 RMB

41 University of Shantou 60,000 RMB

42 Kunming University of Medicine 35,000 RMB

43 Chuanbei University of Medicine 32,000 RMB

44 Southwestern Medical University 33,000 RMB

45 Xiamen University 38,000 RMB

Only more than 45 universities in China qualified to teach MBBS in English and allowed to accept foreign students, China’s Ministry of Education said, warning that MBBS courses with a bilingual curriculum in English and Chinese are “strictly prohibited.”

All medical schools in China guarantee quality education for those who choose to study medicine in China. The MBBS program in China is recognized by the Pakistan Medical Association, the World Health Organization, and many other important medical organizations around the world.

The language of instruction in the MBBS program in China is English. After completing the MBBS program in English-speaking universities or more precisely in listed universities, graduates can appear for various medical selection tests such as NLE, NMC, BMDC, SLMC, USMLE, PLAB, AMC, and ECFMG.

Pre-requisites for studying MBBS in English in China:

Students must exhibit a good work ethic and take their studies seriously. China has a rigorous academic tradition; students are expected to be fully committed to their studies. Usually, international students are admitted based on their grades in school, especially in English and science, and must have the language requirements to study in English.

Each university in China has different criteria for accepting applications:

To maintain the quality of English MBBS education in China, most universities give priority to students with a minimum score of 60-70% in science subjects and 12th grade. Few universities consider lower scores.

Students must have studied physics, chemistry, biology, and English or equivalent subjects in 12th grade.

Course duration and syllabus of MBBS in China:

MBBS studies in China usually take five or six years for international students. The MBBS program for international students in China aims to train students in solid medical knowledge and standard clinical skills that they may need in their own country or in other countries.

Chinese medical universities offer the MBBS program with a duration of six years. Five years spent in the classroom to acquire solid medical knowledge. The remaining year devoted to internships in a hospital to improve clinical skills.

In addition, there are many good hospitals in China that offer students many internship opportunities. These hospitals offer state-of-the-art medical services to the highest international standards. This gives medical students many opportunities to practice their profession.


Finding the best university in China for MBBS with affordable fees is crucial for aspiring medical students. Consider factors like academic reputation, accreditation, faculty expertise, and opportunities for practical training when making your decision.

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