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A short overview of Userpilot integration

Userpilot is the leading Digital adoption Platform (Dap). They activate and integrate solutions for enterprise customers with their products Userpilot integration,

empowering marketers to become experts on their own online success Userpilot integration.

Companies use Userpilot to get more free trial signups, increased leads, and decreased churn. They offer a full suite of offerings from analytics to customer onboarding. Userpilot data is easy to implement and allows real-time customer feedback to be directly addressed.

Userpilot provides a self-serve usepilot integration platform that can be customized according to customer needs. If you are looking for digital adoption, there’s no better way than the Userpilot platform to help accelerate your business growth.

A short overview of Userpilot integration 

Userpilot’s platform enables you to integrate your solution with their products. This allows you to easily gather and deliver data directly into the Userpilot platform, or export your data out of Userpilot in a format that’s best for you.

This article aims to give an overview of their user experience and how the integration process works. There will be no technical terms or algorithms, just an overview of the process.

Userpilot operates an engagement platform that works with your software to allow you to gather behavioral data from your customers. This data is then relatable to a Userpilot customer profile and treated as a single user’s lifetime engagement. The platform therefore anonymizes the data and stores it in the platform. This way, you can know what actions users take in your product, and how their behavior affects their future actions moving forward. The platform also enables you to export this behavioral data into a format of your choice for further analysis or to integrate with other solutions.

The platform is built with an analytical user system that allows you to set up users and groups. You can then manually assign users to groups. The platform will then treat these groups as a cohort of users who share a similar behavior. This way, the platform enables you to segment your users based on the information they provided, or based on their actions within your product or service. By having this data segmented, you can easily determine which actions are most effective at engaging your customers and lead them to success through your product or service.

Userpilot’s platform also allows you to view the engagement of different users in a timeline, and enables you to drill down into each user in more detail. This way, you can see which users have engaged with your product recently and how they’re behaving. You can then compare the data to historical data to see how this behavior has changed over time. As an example, people might start using your product because of a promotion or other incentive. You can then determine if this incentive is relevant and should therefore be continued by marketing through similar means.

There are also reports that let you track specific user behaviors such as usage, churn rate or engagement rates.

Userpilot is a SaaS analytics platform. The platform works online and can be accessed from any device. You can access the platform from the Userpilot website, or by logging into a portal through your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution of choice (such as Salesforce). Userpilot is built for scalability and high performance, so you are free to run it on your own infrastructure.

How to connect with Userpilot ?

There are several ways in which you can connect with Userpilot:

A/B testing enables you to test two different variations of your product that differ by only one variable at a time

(e.g. layout, image or simply their position on the page). 

You can then see which version of your product performs better. The platform uses a statistical algorithm to determine which variations have more conversions from users. 

This enables you to learn from your users and then apply this knowledge in real time in order to engage with them better.

The Userpilot platform is built with a self-service approach. You are able to set up your user groups and processes easily without any additional technical skills or training. In order to allow you to use the platform, you must be connected to the Userpilot platform via an email address.


The Userpilot platform is a great solution to help you gather behavioral data from your users and access this data within their self-serve platform. Userpilot’s analytics provides you with a wealth of information about how your users engage with your product or service,

and enables you to determine which actions are most effective at engaging your

 customers and lead them to success through your product or service.

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